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Website Performance Upgrade

  • It's been another busy week here, we've been working hard on improving both the look and performance of our websites.

We are also researching changing our "theme". This doesn't mean that we will be offering different things for sale, but more the general look and "feel" of the website. According to Wikipedia "In computing, a theme is a preset package containing graphical appearance and functionality details. Themes are used to customise the look and feel of a piece of computer software or of an operating system." Couldn't have put it better myself.

I have been very lucky, for the last few weeks, to have had the help of Amaran, whose mum works in the Art of Living Reigate Shop, and who is back home from Bristol Uni. Amaran has done some web based work for us before, during school holidays and between 6th Form and University. Apart from being a pleasure to spend time in the office with, he's a coding wizz (or, at least compared to me he is) so, I've no sooner come across a problem, or had an idea, before it's either fixed, or there on the screen in front of me. The power of a big, young brain!

As I said earlier, we've been working on the website's performance and, for the past few months, I've become obsessed with our Google Lighthouse scores. For all you non-geeks out there, Lighthouse is a page experience tool, built by Google, that measures accessibility, performance, SEO, Progressive Web Apps and an extended list of best practices. Powered by the new Core Web Vitals, these audits together give an excellent overview of the quality and performance of both the mobile and desktop versions of the site.

When we started our improvements, our scores were 15 - 54 - 49 - 62 (all out of 100) so, ok, but not great (apart from the score of 15, for Performance, which was rubbish!)

However, feast your eyes on this!!

That was our score yesterday (Friday) afternoon and, I have to say, it gives me a warm glow every time I look at it. Now if we can just sort out a few Java Script stragglers, to get the "Best Practices" score up, I'll be a very happy little Northerner.

All this website development meant that I took my eye off the ball a little las week and missed International Pinot Noir Day on Wednesday. It was also my son's birthday and I seem to remember having a glass, or two, of Pinot Noir anyway, but it was an accidental and subliminal celebration of what is one of my favourite wines.

Riedel Veritas Pinot Noir (New World) Glasses (Pair) -

Riedel Veritas Pinot Noir (New World) Glasses (Pair)

View details
Riedel Veritas Pinot Noir (Old World) Glasses (Pair) -

Riedel Veritas Pinot Noir (Old World) Glasses (Pair)

View details
Riedel Vinum Pinot Noir Glasses (Pair) - Stemware

Riedel Vinum Pinot Noir Glasses (Pair)

View details

So, as a "belated birthday wishes" to Pinot Noir, I thought I'd remind you of some of our great Pinot glasses.

Well, time has run away with me once more, so that's it for today.

If you have any observations, or suggestions regarding the website, please feel free to comment below.


  • Hello John.
    Apologies for the delay in replying, your question snuck by me when I wasn’t looking.
    I’m afraid that the majority of glasses aren’t generally available singly, not since 2015 (ish). Which are you after? We may have some lurking in the warehouse, survivors of their partner being broken. If you’d like to email me, , I can check and let you know.
    P.S. Very diplomatic use of “we” in my house it’s definitely “me” or “I”…

    Andi Healey - The Riedel Shop Web Manager
  • Love reading these informative but “light” newsletters. Can you help me with what has now become a perennial problem – trying to buy ONE of anything. I started buying my Riedel glasses when it was possible to actually buy one, although I never did. But during the years my wife and I have been enjoying them we (pronoun avoiding blame!) have broken two of different types. As there is generally only two of us using them I only need one of each, is it possible to buy single glasses?

  • Hi Terry
    Veritas is 15% taller than Vinum, but 25 % lighter and finer, whilst maintaining dishwasher safety, break resistance and being suitable for long term daily use at home. Basically it’s the “next level up”

    Andi Healey - The Riedel Shop Web Manager
  • Hi simple question what is the difference between the brands eg Vinum and Veritas

    Terry Bennett

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